Our Story

Red Earth Trading Co. was founded by Travis Gravette in 2010, with the mission of creating a brand that is as life changing as it is fashionable. While working in East Africa Travis was continually inspired by the talent and creativity of the local artisan community. From extremely poor to middle class, these artisans shared a similar challenge, surviving on a volatile tourism market. He saw an opportunity to help them expand beyond their local market and in effect grow their businesses and create new jobs.

At the same time he was looking for a way to sustain the community development work he had been focused on over the last six years. Red Earth Trading Co. was the perfect solution; a company that could create hope and opportunity through commerce and then use a percentage of our profits to fuel the development work of local nonprofits in East Africa.

Since then we have been collaborating with artisans in Uganda and Kenya to create high quality handcrafted jewelry, accessories and home goods. Our products are available exclusively through our online store and pop-up stores around the country.

A Double Dose of GOOD

Every Red Earth purchase creates what we like to call a double dose of good. Not only are our artisan families and communities benefiting from the work, but we also give a percentage of our profits to sustain the community development work of Know Think Act.

A New Kind Of Business

Our relationship with our artisans goes beyond just design and creation. We also work to help them better organize and manage their businesses to be successful in every market. These small companies are a vital part of lifting families out of poverty and building a strong middle class. As they succeed it creates opportunity for generations to come.

Our Values

People: We strive to treat everyone with the same dignity and respect that we desire for ourselves.

Quality: We are committed to creating products that can stand the test of time.

Fashion: We are dedicated to producing products that are unique and desirable.

How We Work

1. We build relationships with artisans in developing nations that, create exceptional products, value their employees and desire to make a difference in their community.

2. We work directly with our artisans to design and create quality products that are fashionable.

3. We pay at or above fair market prices on all products and pay up front for each order.

4. We import our products to the U.S. and sell them for a profit.

5. We cover our expenses and reinvest in the business.

6. We give a percentage of our profits to sustain the community development work of Know Think Act.

Founder & CEO
Travis Gravette

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